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CHENGDU CHUANGSHI INDUSTRY CO., LTD was founded in 2002. It is a high-tech textile enterprise, which focuses on solving people`s safety protection,ensuring product`s quality and safety in some field, for example pharmacy,medical treatment,food industry,electronic industry,automobile industry,petrifaction,optics,precision instrument,liquid crystal,Aero-Space and so on. CHENGDU CHUANGSHIZHIZHAO INDUSTRY CO., LTD is a developed and creative center on basis of CHENGDU CHUANGSHI INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We make great efforts to become the premier supplier in this field.

Premier supplier of high-tech(functionality)textile.

Premier supplier of clean textile in medical system(GMP,CGMP,FDA,E/DMF,COS).

Chuangshi Clean Antistatic Textile Department was founded in 2003, which supplies CRNONO series of dust-free & aseptic textile and other clean room articles accordance with medical system, simultaneously supplies professionally technical consultation,training and application service for customers.

CHANGSHI Company will continuously improve and optimize present product & service, continuously develop & produce new high-tech textile to service for costumer better.


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